Italian Grammar Made Easy

Essere o avere con il passato prossimo?

To be or to have with the present perfect?

Welcome to the Italian Grammar Made Easy podcast! I’m so excited to host this new podcast and help Italian learners understand the complex Italian grammar in a simpler way.

About this podcast:

I’ve been teaching and studying foreign languages for years now, focusing on helping students use language in context, not just memorize words and sentences that will be forgotten after a week or two, and also supporting students in building their confidence to speak.

This podcast will provide simplified and clear explanations of grammar rules and exceptions that could seem difficult to learn, but can indeed be made simple. Along with the audio podcast episodes, there will be printable cheat sheets, quick guides, summaries, and resources so that you can easily refer to when needed. The weekly auto-graded quizzes will be an opportunity for you to test what you learned in each episode.

Join the free Italian Matters Club on Facebook for additional support. Here you can ask questions about grammar rules addressed in the episode, and other questions about the Italian language and culture.

The free guide below is a simple and concise summary of this episode.

In this episode:

[01:40] What are auxiliary verbs and tenses?

[02:19] Parts of the passato prossimo

[03:09] The question to ask yourself to understand whether to use essere or avere

[05:30] Recap of the question

[05:55] A few more examples

[07:55] Some rules to keep in mind

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